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Being Busy

Being busy.....yes, I love it! It keeps me focused and helps get things done, obviously. I have such a problem though being physically creative (quilting, sewing, cutting) and writing. I cannot do them simultaneously. I think it has something to do with using different parts of your brain. Regardless, I love to do both. I just need to plan accordingly and sometimes one of them loses out. Lately it's the blogging. I have a real need to create things that are tangible lately so that has been my focus.

Let me ask you some questions. When you start things do you always finish them? Do you give yourself the time you need with deadlines? Do you put your partially completed ideas in a drawer and forget about them? I'd really love to hear what you do and what your goals are. I follow @amyscreativeside and she does a weekly challenge that you set for yourself. I love it because it's a way to put a goal in place regardless of the size of your goal and helps push to get that done with your own pressure. Small things, big things...t doesn't really matter as long as you get something accomplished. On real struggle days it may be hard just to turn on your sewing machine and do some straight stitches. On other days you might follow Eleanor Burns and complete a #quiltinaday. Good for you either way.

Stay busy my friends. :)

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